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Music Scholarships

The West London Free School reserves 10% of its places for pupils with musical aptitude. Our musical aptitude test is designed to identify pupils who have musical potential as well as those who have already started to realise that potential.

Successful candidates join our Music Scholar programme which involves the following:

  • one half hour instrumental/singing lesson a week paid for by the school
  • theory classes on Wednesdays at 8am
  • membership of the school choir
  • sight-singing classes with the other Music Scholars

Music Scholars often choose to play another instrument and join Bands club in Year 7.

The Musical Aptitude tests take place in mid-October. Anyone who has a love of Music is welcome to apply. You can do so by completing this form.

Music Scholar Profiles

Wendi, Jacob and Tamia are among our finest young musicians and exemplify the range of starting points and musical paths on offer at WLFS.


Wendi (Year 10)         

Instruments: Violin and Piano

Ensembles: Orchestra and Choir

Profile: Wendi had already made stunning progress on the violin since she arrived after joining the Tri-Borough Hub’s Saturday school. As well as the school ensembles, Wendi has started studying at the Royal Academy of Music’s Saturday School.


Jacob (Year 11)

Instruments: Piano and Double Bass

Ensembles: Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Take Free

Profile: Jacob started the Double Bass on arriving at WLFS in 2012. By the end of the year, he had made enough progress to play in the band for our production of Oliver and has recently been accepted onto the Royal College of Music’s Saturday School Double Bass course.


Tamia (Year 10)

Instruments: Guitar and Drum Kit

Ensembles: Choir, Junior A Cappella and various Bands

Profile: Tamia had had a few guitar lessons before coming to WLFS, but since arriving in 2013 she has become central to all our concerts involving bands, whether as a bass player, lead guitarist or on the kit. This year she played the solo from Bohemian Rhapsody at our April concerts in the Union Chapel.

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