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In-Year Admissions

To apply for an in-year place, please complete this form.

If you have been turned down for an in-year place and wish to appeal, please complete this form.

For further information, please find attached here a selection of the most regular questions and answers relating to secondary transfer and the reserve lists. If you have any queries, please email the Registrar at s.noel@wlfs.org.


We offer in-year places from a waiting list for year groups 7 to 10, based on our in-year admissions criteria. As per our Admissions Policy, we will continue to prioritise Looked After Children and siblings. Please follow this link for a copy of the 2019-2020 policy.

Regarding Year 11, this will not be based on a waiting list; instead, if a place is available, an applicant would need to visit the school to discuss whether they are following our curriculum and would be in a position to take GCSEs at the end of the year.


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